Who loves #ULIRAPP ????? WE DO!

Real NYC Market first met ULI at LOOT at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC. One of our designers Heidi Williams bought her necklace at the show and we too were hooked!

Fascinated by the Elizabethan splendour in dress decoration she translates it into wearable contemporary jewelry. Her collections have developed rapidly in a sophisticated style and use of smart materials – she invented a technique to apply medical plastic between textile.

Uli’s necklaces interpret a love for antique gemstones and pearls contrasting with chunky chains. All pieces are skilfully handmade in screen print on light weight soft materials.


Uliʼs pieces are produced in Amsterdam, by hand  and with love by Uli & her team.

What’s next?!  Innovation with style is what we love. Spring 2019 will be arriving within the next few weeks….. REAL LOVES ULI !!!!


BUYER:  Sara Keiser

166 Mulberry Street NYC 10013

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