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Fall 2014 Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Info

Call for artists!  Saturday 11-8PM & Sunday 11-6PM – Always looking for handmade, home decor, fashion, art, metal work, leather work, accessories of all kinds, weavers, horticulturists, pottery, jams & jellies, beaders, hand-spun fiber artists, glass, skin care, cosmetology artists, design, foodies, sweets, snacks, wares, miniatures, vintage clothing, vintage furniture, textiles, maps, treasures, prints, photography, visual art and anything that is interesting you want to sell!

109 Mulberry Street Courtyard – Street view, clean, spacious, beautiful, plants and art murals about.

Fall 2014

Saturday September 20 Sunday September 21

Saturday September 27 Sunday September 28

Saturday October 4  Sunday October 5

Saturday October 11  Sunday October 12

Saturday October 18 Sunday October 19

Saturday October 25  Sunday October 26

Saturday:        4′ – $60     6′ – $85     10×10 – $100

Sunday:          4′ – $50     6′ – $65     10×10 – $80

Both Days:     4′ – $100   6′ – $140   10×10 – $160

Table rentals $5 Each/day  FREE CHAIRS


holiday 2014

Summer Sales – Thank you to our Artists  (August)  

We offer 3 space sizes (Jan. – July)

1.  10X10 / $140    per day OR both days $255

2.  6×6 / $100         per day OR both days $190

3.  4’ Tables $80     per day OR both days $150

Spaces vary throughout the market – each space is unique because of our space.  Share spaces will need approval and fees start at an additional $50 per space, please ask for details.

Join our REAL TEAM

Feel free to email with additional questions:  realnycmarket@gmail.com

109 Mulberry Street, Little Italy NYC          COURTYARD OUTSIDE
Between Hester and Canal
268 Mulberry Street, Nolita NYC                   INSIDE
Youth Center
Between Prince and Houston

233 Mott Street location is CLOSED :  sold for condos

We are going back home – Real NYC Designer Market 268 Mulberry Street

Real NYC Designer Market 268real cover

We are going back home – Real NYC Designer Market 268 Mulberry Street

268 Mulberry Street Real NYC Market SOON SOON SOON! Details to follow within a few days -happy! #realnycmarket Stay tuned for updates, photos & details! #xoxo #lovewhatyoudo

Keep Working – Ralph Marston

Keep working

When you doubt yourself and your efforts, keep working. Your creative energy, persistently applied, will soon make the doubt go away.

When you’re simply not making any progress, keep working. The breakthrough you seek may be just one more effort away.

When you’ve enjoyed a great success, keep working. Instead of resting on your achievements, make them even more meaningful by making good use of them.

When it feels like all your energy is drained, keep working. Your determined efforts will create their own energy.

When you’re not sure what to do, keep working. The more you do, the more you learn, and the more clearly you’ll be able to see the way forward.

Life works best when you keep working at it. Keep working, and keep making life truly amazing.

Ralph Marston

Real 2014


Real NYC Market