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Nuna Knits

Nuna knits – WINDOW PANE TARTAN SHAWL COLLECTION – 150 years of fine polworth sheep breeding has made this shawl collection possible. Dating back to1880 when saxon/lincoln sheep breeds were cross bred. The result….a super dense…super soft new breed “polworth” has superb heavy drape-ability weighing only 4oz. (the same weight as authentic Pashmina).
Nuna has stayed authentic to the breed in its design applications. Creating its window pane colorways with the natural sheep colors of browns, tans, blacks and grays.
Our shawls have an Androgynous style with transparent hand spun/woven madras wool cloth. Perfect for all 4 seasons. Available Real NYC Market166 mulberry street and riverhead, ny – 50 east main street.

Nuna Knits

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Summer Sales + Thank you Artists at Real NYC Market !


Join us for another great weekend at 109 Mulberry Street – in the heart of Little Italy, NYC

Shop directly from the Artists, Designers and Makers at Real NYC Market!

“August is Thank you to all the Artists, Designers & Makers!”  

Private Opening running Amazing Summer Sales – Get your sizzle on with bold, beautiful & fashion forward jewelry – Shop Etsy 24/7!

Private OpeningBox 185 by Sara Keiser has accessories made of leather, feathers, crystals, fur & silk + a black/white collection that is a #musthave #rightnow  SUMMER SALES!  #sarabox185

box 185 feather earringGreen Home Decor has never looked so festive, fun & fresh!  Live Green Designs by Mark the Artisan will make any dwelling, love nest, office space, dining area, lodge, den, house, home, shack, homestead, man cave, condo & mansion stylish, cool, innovative and an amazing conversation piece!

Mark the Artisian Mark the Artisian

FAB Weekend at Real NYC Designer Market!

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FAB weekend at Real NYC Market!  Customers from all over the WORLD – brilliant talent showcasing their works, tremendous visitors and friends all weekend long!  THANK YOU to all who make this possible!  EXCELLENT WEEKEND!

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Another Festive Weekend at Real NYC Designer Market

Another festive and fantastic weekend at Real NYC Designer Market!  Thank you all very much for coming to join us.

This past weekend we were located at 109 Mulberry Street – beautiful courtyard of Most Precious Blood Church surrounded by murals & flowers.  So many tourists from all over the world, delicious pastries, the best gelato and Italian ices…. in the center of the Mulberry Street Pedestrian Mall, (closed to traffic) what a great weekend!  Thank you!

-Real NYC Designer Market

Open Saturday 11-9 PM and Sunday 11-8 PM – Every Weekend