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EXCLUSIVE Trunk Show: Sculptural Jewelry by Alicia P.

Real Designers Market (NYC)

is pleased to present


Sculptural Jewelry by Alicia P.

Santa Fe, NM – Jan 2017

On view:

Real NYC Market                                                                                                                   Saturday March 4th: 4 – 9pm, 166 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013

*Meet Alicia P. in person from 6:30 – 9pm

Mixed media artist, Alicia P. returns to NYC from the Southwest, for an exclusive showcase of new sculptural creations. Under her label Designs by Alicia P, she has developed a way to blend her couture work with her skill as a visual artist.

The diversity in her upbringing, exposure to the world, & overall interest in exploring themes of ‘life after death,” provides Alicia the inspiration to work with leather creating sculptural jewelry that integrates found materials and semi-precious stones; provided by both the earth and community. These pieces, often described as mini sculptures, are a direct result of constant and continual practice of techniques developed by Alicia P. herself. Her design work is built upon a foundation of visual art and Alicia’s style is recognizable throughout all her mediums. Her work has been featured in a number of fashion and media outlets, from W Magazine in 2015, feature films like Tyler Perry’s ‘Good Deeds’ (actress Phylicia Rashad wearing Alicia P.), to print publications (The New York Times, the Fader, to name a few). Her couture jewelry is carried in boutiques in New York City & nationwide, and she works with a number of private clients and fashion stylists.

*This Trunk Show coincides and is in celebration of Alicia P.‘s larger contemporary work, on view at the Clio Art Fair
: March 2 -5th, 508 W 26th St, New York, NY.

About Alicia P.

Alicia Piller lived and worked in NYC; creating art and running her business Designs By Alicia P. for almost a decade before moving to Santa Fe, NM. Born and raised in Chicago, Piller worked in a number of youth arts programs and received a Bachelors in Fine Arts & Anthropology from Rutgers University. Currently, Alicia is focused on large-scale sculpture using her esthetic with leather, continually expanding her artistic practice.   www.designsbyaliciap.com


Features an eclectic group of artists using an array of different mediums; wearable fiber, ceramics, digital & print photography, crocheted metals, clay, and glass to name a few.

Ciara in W Magazine (Designs By Alicia P)


BOX 185 INC. – Sara Keiser

166 Mulberry Street

Store Front

New York NY 10013

Designs By Alicia P – Exclusive Collection for Real NYC Market

Alicia P

Designs by Alicia P.

Designs by Alicia P.

Art Bio

 Alicia has had an interest in the arts since her childhood, in the ‘Trash Room’ at the Chicago Children’s Museum is one of the earliest places Alicia was initiated into the practice of art making. Much of the diversity in Alicia’s present artwork is from influences as a child. Born to one African American, and one Jewish parent – exposure to the world, her themes of nature and the cosmos, and other influences can be traced directly back to a wealth of childhood experiences. By 17, she was already in tune with her creative intuition, erecting a magnitude of work stretching beyond kid-friendly debris of the Children’s Museum. She was a participant in Gallery 37 a Youth Arts program for over five years, and was involved in a number of arts and science programs for gifted students.  Alicia received her B.A. from Rutgers University for studies in both Anthropology and Fine Arts with a focus on painting. After graduating Alicia relocated to New York City to pursue a career as a professional artist. In her first year out of college Alicia started the business Designs by Alicia P which began with selling her own: hand-painted clothing & paintings but eventually grew to be an entire line of Jewelry designs each one hand made and based on her interests in anthropology, and with a roots in sculptural work.

Over the ten years that Alicia has run her own business, she has honed and perfected her unique style of art using suede leather, found objects, and other mixed media to create jewelry, wall hangings and now large format sculptures. Alicia has participated in a countless number of exhibitions including juried shows in New York and Chicago, as well as an invitational exhibition in London. In 2013 she was recognized by several arts funding organizations, and her work has been featured in major studio films, television programs, print, & digital media outlets.

Currently, Alicia is expanding her signature aesthetic now focusing on combining her creative modalities into one multi-sensory experience in the form of sculpture and installation work. In 2015, Alicia is excited to have been invited to travel to India to participate in the Art Castle International Art Residency. Alicia continues to exhibit her work regularly as well as designing custom work for private clients.

Designs by Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.


Alicia P’s unique product line is based on the use sustainable materials, primarily goat suede which is imported from India. The Suede is a byproduct of the cultural reverence of Cows in India and a commitment to utilizing the entirety of animals from the food industry. Alicia’s work is further representative of her sustainable values by using a majority of found materials and organic items harvested from beaches and mountain tops around the world. We encourage you to renew your commitment to sustainable products and independent artists & entrepreneurs by buying Designs by Alicia P products.

Designs by Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.


Customer Service representative, salesperson; merchandise expeditor, artist, painting using multi-medias.   Jewelry designing and instruction; clothing designs (also sell my own line of hand painted shirt designs); arts and crafts including sculpture, pottery and glass paint designs, molding with plaster, wax and clay; calligraphy, etc. Assistant clown: worked for seven years as Glitter the Clown, painting faces, making balloon sculptures, performing magic, and organizing children’s games.


My jewelry designs have been featured in magazines. My paintings have been showcased in exhibits in Chicago, featured on the front cover of Rutgers’ Visual Art Program, New Jersey. My jewelry has be worn by celebrities i.e. Phylicia Rashād, Jill Scott, Michele Money and many others. Sold my jewelry designs and artwork in various trade shows, such as Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas and the One of A Kind Show in New York and Chicago. Received achievement awards for canvas paintings, paintings on park benches and furniture. Received business loans: Project Enterprise & Accion USA. Member of the Extensive travel to various countries gathering creative ideas.

Designs by Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.

Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.

Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P.

Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P.

Designs by Alicia P

Designs by Alicia P

Jill Scott & Sheree Fletcher, wearing Alicia P. Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar DesignsCiara in W Magazine, wearing Designs By Alicia P.

Real NYC Market

Real NYC Market

166 Mulberry Street (between Grand and Broome) Little Italy NYC

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All Exclusive collection is featured at #realnycmarket – One of a kind, original, more than spectacular wearable art.