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Wavy Tang New York

wavy tang

Wavy Tang is an emerging fashion jewelry brand of minimal and trendy fashion style. All of the products are handmade by jewelry designer Wavy Tang, and the main material is sterling silver and argentium silver. The goal of Wavy Tang Jewelry is to provide ladies at all age a classic and never-out-of-date style to daily life…wavy tang


Yucen Wavy Tang was born and raised in Suzhou, China. She attended Academy of Art University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree of Architecture, and got her MFA in Jewelry design in 2014, followed by her first solo exhibition in San Francisco based on her thesis “self-discovery”, and several juried exhibitions, including the IMPACT Juried Exhibition in Brookline Arts Center.

The main materials of wavy’s jewelry are silver, enamel and mirrored acrylic. By making amoeba inspired jewelry in enamel, wavy’s trying to express her feeling of realizing herself.  In her jewelry works, design too becomes a medium for expression of identity, and self exploration becomes self invention. Outward visualizations of microbiological motifs represent the internal process of self-discovery, made manifest at a macro level.

With the working experience with jewelry artist Emiko Oye and BCBG Max Azria Group, wavy created her own style of presenting fashion in her thesis work. Now wavy’s design is more sophisticated and professional. She will continue her thesis of self-discovery in the future and make more artwork presenting herself.

wavy tang wavy tang wavy tang

Ready to Wear 

wavy tang wavy tang

So many more options to choose from at Real NYC Market – 166 Mulberry Street NYC

NUNA KNITS + Alpaca Socks = HAPPY


NUNA KNITS:  Nuna’s New heavy terry weight boot length alpaca socks are the best ever. The terry alpaca fabric is created in the sock making process. Our socks come in 4 colors: black, denim, dark brown , forest green. Super warm, comfy and soft . Available at 50 east main street , Riverhead NY. NYC store location: REAL NYC MARKET 166 mulberry street, NYC

Nuna Knits Nuna Knits

Nuna’s grass roots sock mill is steeped in long Island farming heritage.

In 1635, 3 brothers traveled from Europe to America. They settled in Southold, New York, becoming some of the first thirteen settlers.

The extended 12th generation family has taken a more tactile path to farming, producing socks from local farmers in the sheep and wool industries.

Nuna’s collaborative grass roots relationship supports the farm to fashion trend and the growing desire to buy local and buy natural.

SOCK CONSTRUCTION: Hand made on machine…toes, cuffs and heels are hand linked on machine and hand steamed.

Alpacas are native to mountains of Chile, Peru & Bolivia. Natural color ranges come in more than 20 shades. Nuna Knits offers you a small sampling in 7 natural & dyed shades. Our superfine alpaca socks are American made in classic boot, heavy wt. terry and crew styles.

ALPACA FIBER CONTENT: 72% (highest sock content available)
superfine alpaca (25.9 micron) and guard hair free. Synthetic fibers: 20% nylon, 2%elastic for durability. These fibers do not hinder the “thermal” warmth properties that keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash with like colors in cool water, gentle cycle, tumble or air dry. they are durable and can be washed easily without excessive shrinkage or felting. Nuna’s alpaca socks have a higher elasticity then other socks made from this natural fiber. Therefore, socks may look smaller after they’re washed. Once worn, they will return to your original shoe size to fit your feet again. Alpaca socks wick away moisture, so your feet will stay dry and odor free summer through winter.

NICK BYER at Real NYC Market



“Abstract art is not about doing its about being. It is not part of cognitive reasoning, it’s a new limitless experience.” My paintings are inspired by people nature and life’s journey. The organic forms shapes and energy I observe fuel my subconscious and its spirit is manifested in my art. I work very spontaneous and capture the essence of my subjects then over time, apply many layers on my work giving it a very authentic timeless feel. I like for the viewer to be drawn in and make an emotional connection. Overall my art is a celebration of life.

image1 (1) image2



Nick Byer grew up in Nassau Bahamas. The tropical landscape and expressive culture ignited his spirited style.   He moved to New York in 2011 and currently studies at the Art Students League under  Frank O Cain. For the last 10 years he has been exhibiting in Miami, Los Angles and New York. Known for his abstract expressionism, he recently sold 3 paintings at Art Expo NYC and is now one of New York fastest rising artists. Byer’s pieces radiate with passion, spontaneity, beauty and capture the limitless energy of life. His influences are Basquiat, De Kooning, Andy Warhol, Cezanne, and Vincent Van Gogh.


Showing at Real NYC Market Thursday, July 9 2015 – Fashion Art Design 166 Mulberry Street NYC

FAB Weekend at Real NYC Designer Market!

#realmakers #realnycmarket #realdesignermarket 

FAB weekend at Real NYC Market!  Customers from all over the WORLD – brilliant talent showcasing their works, tremendous visitors and friends all weekend long!  THANK YOU to all who make this possible!  EXCELLENT WEEKEND!

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Astrid Mueller = Unstoppable, Savvy & Talented !

AMAZING work ASTRID MUELLER!  What does this women NOT DO????  Astrid,  you are glowing in ALL that you do – YOU are a women of Action and then More ACTION!  

Do you need help Branding?  Illustrator & Visual Brand Strategist:

1astridmueller-coverillustration-BAweddingguide 6astridmueller-tonypotter 12stridmueller-bookillustration-gentrymayfield


“Like a human being, brands are unique, and so is yours. I’m is passionate about helping brands succeed. Once we start working together, I’ll first ask you in-depth questions, to ensure I have a thorough understanding of your brand, your goals, and the customers you’re trying to attract. Only then will I begin the design process, where I’ll visualize your one-of-a-kind brand characteristics and talents in your brand design, tailored to appeal to your ideal audience.

Peek over my shoulder to see how I work with this brand design case study!

Are you ready to lift your brand to the next level?

Email me today to start the conversation.”       – CONTACT ASTRID MUELLER

Read Testimonials HERE     Design Gallery HERE       Brand Design HERE      Let’s Begin 


ASTRID mueller

MISS UNIVERSE 2013, Gabriela Isler


  Creating POSSIBILITY !

real nyc market real nyc market

Read about the designer – Astrid Mueller

“Born in Switzerland, the land of Vitra chairs, famous type foundries, and the best chocolate in the world, Astrid Mueller, the creator of possibility, has a passion for design (and dessert)!

Astrid’s creative journey began at Swarovski with a position in graphic design. Although she didn’t know it at the time, it was there that she glimpsed her future when she created a series of crystal tattoo jewelry pieces that were sold worldwide.

Eager to perfect her craft, Astrid bid Swarovski a fond farewell, packed her bags and set out to take graphic design classes in Zurich, Hamburg, London, and, finally, New York, where she studied at Parsons.

After launching her design studio in 2006, Astrid quickly found success illustrating for Marie Claire, Diesel and Swarovski.  Though she was fulfilling a lifelong goal, a love for Lucite and old Hollywood glamour thrummed in Astrid’s soul.

In 2011, she relocated to an island off the coast of Alaska to live with her sweetheart, D, grow her design business, and follow her dream of possibility. Whenever she can, Astrid travels home to Switzerland, stopping along the way in cities such as New York, Seattle and Los Angeles for inspiration, as well as to indulge in her taste for cozy hotel rooms, transparent rings and clever design.”   SEE MORE HERE

Here you will find the STORY it’s so magnificant – the stars are aligned!possibility

A scene from the NYC rooftop shoot. Photo: AndreaAndMarcus.com


Possibility gives back —>  “When I close my eyes and think about possibility, I see a woman in a chic summer dress standing on a beautiful ocean viewpoint, a warm breeze playing with her hair. She’s feeling beautiful, grateful for all the positive things in her life, and giddy about all the wonderful things to be. This is the feeling of possibility that I infuse in every piece I design. We can allbe this successful woman who not only works hard, but also enjoys amazing moments of indulgence. A woman who feels gorgeous – which we all are. It’s my mission to pass along this karma to every woman who wears possibility. It’s my hope that possibility’s pieces add a little touch of positivity and jet-set glamour to every day and feel like a little talisman of empowerment, good luck, and the air of possibility…because you never know.”

Astrid Mueller graced the Real NYC Designer Market back in May – what a gift indeed to have such a special artist, creator, maker, designer, illustrator, visionary, writer, branding genius, inspirational guru and a beautiful women (with an amazing work ethic).  What does Astrid not do? 😉


“Most of us have traveled to New York, so most likely you’ve seen the city’s most famous hot spots. If you’re craving more of an insider glimpse, the next time you visit the Big Apple you may like to consider popping in at an Artist and Designer’s market, a pop-up shop or street fair where New Yorker’s go to find unique jewelry, fashion, or gift items. There are many such markets, such as Crafts on Columbus on the Upper West Side, The Market New York in Greenwich Village or The Real NYC Designer’s Market on the hip Mulberry Street:

real nyc market real nyc market

May 2014 123

….” continued…..

Dear Astrid,

Thank you VERY much for joining the Real NYC Designer Market!  You never know is right!  Love your blog – love all of your work!  Your Lucite Jewelry with Possibility is so unique, chic-stylish and original!  Wonderful to meet you – It was our pleasure to have you!  You are always welcome back!                                         -Real NYC Designer Market

See more of her Collection and Information to Purchase:  Rings  Earrings  Bracelets  Necklaces  Hair Accessories  CuffLinks  Sashes    Connect More


real possibility

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Fashionista Tea + Tea Scarves = Connections

Thank you Brenda of Fashionista Tea for your Blog!  Tea Scarf and Fashionista Tea are awesome!   There are so many artists and makers who come to the Real NYC Designer Market and make friends/connections with their next door neighbor!  You never know who you will meet….  Keep your minds and hearts open and the right person will be dropped into your path!  We are inspired – REAL brings so much talent together and so many ideas all under one roof (and sky)!


“Recently, FashionistaTea was an exhibitor at the Real NYC Designer Market in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City.  The Market features handmade décor, fashion, leather work, jewelry and all kinds of accessories. I had the opportunity to meet, Artist Reed Slater who was exhibiting beautiful scarves made from Tea.

Reed launched Tea Scarf in 2013 with the desire to create sustainably produced, eco-friendly, luxury scarves.  The scarves are printed on sustainably produced bamboo fabric and each pattern is created using teabags (how cool is this??) which have been steeped and printed on paper.  Each design and scarf is unique and the original prints on paper are photographed and the designs transferred to bamboo fiber, becoming wearable art.  Reed works in Brooklyn, New York and they are the stylish accessory to wear on a cool summer evening.  Check out his web site at:  www.teascarf.com  

How could I not love this, fashion that is eco-friendly and the perfect combination of Tea and fashion!

Here are a few of Reed’s scarves that were featured at the Designer Market (www.RealNYCmarket.com)”

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

Real NYC Market FashionistaTea Real NYC Market

Fashionista Tea

“Tea with Style”

-Fashionista Tea