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Real AirBNB – Spacious, Artistic Apartment – Come Visit!

Are you looking for a clean, spacious and artistic place to stay while visiting New York City?

Located in Chinatown/LES. Feels like living in a house in the middle of the city. The apartment is on the ground floor and runs the length of the building with windows on the front and back end. The windows in the back living room overlook a private garden. It is a duplex with bedrooms located on the second floor and main living space with kitchen, dining room and living room on ground floor. Hardwood floors throughout, Garden is lush, perfect for breakfast, relaxing. Excellent location: 2 blocks from the F East Broadway subway, 3 blocks from the M15 bus, 2 blocks from Citibikes, 3 blocks from East River bike trails & 2 blocks from Seward Park and NY Public Library – Seward Park. Easy walking to the Lower East Side coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, Financial district and Wall Street area, as well as great food all around.
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Lovely – Spacious, Sleeps 2, Garden

New York, NY, United States

Fabulously LARGE space 22X13′ Garden View Sitting Area in Bedroom – Duplex on Floor 1, runs the length of the building w/ windows in front & back. Bedroom located on 2nd floor. Hardwood floors, wal…

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Garden – Clean Charming w/ AM light

New York, NY, United States

Private Room w/ Walkin Closet – fabulous, spacious, clean. Duplex on floor 1, runs the length of the building w/ windows in front & back. Bedrooms located on 2nd floor. Hardwood floors, Garden is l…

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Area Overlooking Garden

New York, NY, United States

Space on Floor 1 overlooks garden, windows, tile floor. Duplex – runs the length of the building w/ windows in front & back. Bedrooms located on 2nd floor. Hardwood floors, new appliances, excellen…

Short Term Apartment Rentals in New York

Spring Ahead – Innovative Style & Design by NYC Real Team

Happy First Day of Spring – Spring Ahead – Love to Shop!
Artists, Designers & Vintage
166 Mulberry Street NYC
Open Daily
Come see us this Weekend – Saturday 11-9 PM & Sunday 11-7 PM
Real NYC Designer Market
Mulberry Street Mall will open soon! All Day and Late Night ShoppingMulberry Street closed to traffic, Pedestrian Mall Begins! #lovespring
Email us to participate in our Outdoor/Indoor Market – Looking for original Artists & Designers – So many customers, tourists, friends… so little time! 😉
Additional Mulberry Street Mall Hours
Friday 6:00 PM – Midnight
Saturday 11 AM – Midnight
Sunday 11-9 PM
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Mila Chinese Chamber
Mila Furniture Design –  Chines chamber. H 70 diametrical 21

Real NYC Designer Market 166 Mulberry Street

Real NYC Designer Market

Real NYC Designer Market Mila Furniture Design

New Addition – Mila-Mila is now at Real NYC Designer Market – amazing hand made oak, pine and mixed wood furniture.  Vernakular Photo Designs, Sohung Designs, Lyndee Designs Jewelry, Box 185 by Sara Keiser, Mark the Artisan, Vintage, Designer & More.

Fall Shopping Real NYC Market

Real Ad August 2014

Gorgeous weekend coming up! HOURS: Saturday and Sunday 11-8 PM at 109 Mulberry Street in Little Italy, NYC.  Fall Shopping never got so good – Shop directly from designers and artists at Real NYC Market!

#realnycmarket #makermarket #realdesignermarket

Real NYC Market

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

Photo Credits:  Kim Lyons, Box 185 by Sara Keiser, Heidi Williams Detour Designs, Roxanne Baldwin & Private Opening

Another Festive Weekend at Real NYC Designer Market

Another festive and fantastic weekend at Real NYC Designer Market!  Thank you all very much for coming to join us.

This past weekend we were located at 109 Mulberry Street – beautiful courtyard of Most Precious Blood Church surrounded by murals & flowers.  So many tourists from all over the world, delicious pastries, the best gelato and Italian ices…. in the center of the Mulberry Street Pedestrian Mall, (closed to traffic) what a great weekend!  Thank you!

-Real NYC Designer Market

Open Saturday 11-9 PM and Sunday 11-8 PM – Every Weekend

Real NYC Designer Market – Made in the USA

Real NYC Market will fly the flags! FLAGS on the way – #HANDMADE #MADEINUSA 

Ordered flags will soon be here ! We are very proud! Made in them USA! Our Flags ordered are #proudly Made in the USA as well! #lovewhatyoudo — at Real NYC Market. 

#realnycmarket #realmaker #realdesignermarket #makers #realnycdesignermarket #usa 

Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA

Eight Thousand Miles… from Mumbai to New York City…. WELCOME!

Real NYC Designer Market is so pleased and excited to welcome Eight Thousand Miles… from Mumbai to New York City…  we welcome you and are looking forward to having you!

Real NYC Market

ABOUT:  Eight thousand miles is a young brand that believes in a bohemian-chic design aesthetic. Our first venture is into children’s clothes and bedding.

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

Eight thousand miles is the diameter of the earth. It is also the distance that separates our two home-cities: Mumbai and New York. ‘Eight thousand miles…’ the brand, is an ode to the idea of multiple homes; a sense of simultaneous belonging to more than one part of the world! At the very core of our young brand lies the belief, that all of us are born as free-spirited, non-conformist wanderers. Take one look at our children and there’s no doubt there!
It is to celebrate this sense of self-expression, that our eight thousand mile long journey begins in Mumbai to transcend all the way, up to New York City. We see ourselves as a platform to promote a cross-cultural-design exchange, teamed with a social enterprise opportunity roped in at the sourcing and production stage. 


After our first glance at Eight Thousand Miles we had no doubt they were REAL MAKERS!  We are inspired!  We are excited!  We love all the hard work and images on their social media sites!  Facebook    Twitter   We continued to view their images and read about their work and terrific branding  !  Smart.Innovative.Creative.Fabulous.Real.  That is what we say!  “Wear.Love.Wash.Repeat”

Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market

Design: Simply put, our design aesthetic is boho-chic – it embodies the vivacity of the bohemian spirit while marrying it to the minimalism of the uber-modern. The fabric being the focus our sihouettes are simple, our styles playful and comfort is our top priority. Our raison d’être is self-expression.

Our maiden collection – a children’s clothing line – combines our obsession with sourcing the best cottons in a myriad array of prints and colours – with designing a fun, hip and comfortable line of clothing/ bedding for little free-spirited wanderers. 

Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market

Process: Our fabric means the world to us! We personally pre-wash and pre-shrink all our cotton fabric, before the design patterns are handmade by one of seven women beneficiaries of a Mumbai-based NGO – Aadhar Skill Development Trust (ASDT). ASDT enables the economic independence and self-reliance of lesser privileged women in society by training them in the fields of tailoring, montessori education, beauty services and manufacturing food-products. You can read more about Aadhar and it’s cause here – http://aadharskilldevelopment.org/ 

Our limited edition ‘layered gypsy skirt’ is handmade by Rehnuma, who lives with her husband and four year old daughter in Agra, India. She tailors these by stitching together leftover scraps of 100% cotton fabrics, sourced from textile mills in Delhi, India. We stumbled upon her work at an arts and crafts fair in Mumbai and are thrilled that she has agreed to come work with us, on this limited edition girls’ skirts line. 

Every piece of clothing and bedding designed or sourced at eight thousand miles thus helps put yet another woman from an under-privileged household in India, to work.

Our social and environmental outlook ensures that we up-cycle whenever possible; for instance all our blankets are made of recycled vintage cotton saris that are stitched between two outer newer layers of fabric. Our limited collection of girl’s gypsy skirts are made with leftover scraps of quality cotton fabric, procured from textile mills. We believe in the adaptive re-use of long-lasting fabrics, often re-defining and giving them a whole new life in the process. 


Our children’s clothing is available in the following sizes (as per age group) – 
zero to one
one to two
two to three
three to four
four to six 
six to eight

Reversible Receiving Blankets 
Two-sided Baby Quilts

Most of our clothing is loosely fit for the maximum comfort of our little busybodies and is in 100% cotton. We recommend that they be hand-washed separately, line dried and worn often. 

Real NYC Designer MarketReal NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market

We look forward to your arrival!  We in inspired !  A shout out to Henry Rollins and yourself – thank you!  We don’t think you need to be young to do this. We just think you need to do this! 
Because we are all born free-spirited wanderers, aren’t we?

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

 See you soon!  Can’t wait!  

– Real NYC Designer Market #realnycmarket #realmaker #realdesignermarket

233 MOTT ST. SHOP ARTISAN! Real NYC Designer Market 11-7 PM June 14

233 Mott St. 
Saturday, JUNE 14, 2014  
11-7 PM – SHOP Artisan!
SHOP Real NYC Designer Market
Real NYC Designer Market
Indoor + Outdoor Space
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Thank you,
Sara Keiser + Staff
“Art Design & More”
268 Mulberry Street, Nolita NYC
St. Patrick’s Youth Center – Indoors
Between Prince and Houston
233 Mott Street, Nolita NYC 
White Room + First Floor of Old School House 
+ Hallways + Courtyard – Indoors + Outdoor Courtyard
Between Prince and Spring
109 Mulberry Street, Little Italy NYC
Most Precious Blood Church Courtyard – Outdoor Courtyard
Between Hester and Canal