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Nuna Knits Speaks out About Sara Keiser + Real NYC Market

“with 100 markets in NYC, its a wonder to find just the right market as an established designer or a new craftsman.
Sara Keiser and the “REAL NYC MARKET” has the right location in the heart of “NOLITA” on mott street.
every detail for artists is in place from staff to weekly
social media blasts and artist bios on reals website.
REAL offers customers “real makers” “real designers”
“real craftsman” and “real connections” that make communities special. Nuna is honored to be a part of this market and have association with such brilliant talent:)”

   -Peggie Ehlers, Nuna Knits

Nuna Knits


Box 185 by Sara Keiser night out – Sparkles and Fur / dearaddy.com


Meet designer/artist Sara Kaiser, from Box 185. Her sparkling designs are all made in NY. Her inspiration remains always true to her own style, she would never make anything, she would not wear herself. You can find Sara every weekend, at her own Nolita Market, Prince and Mott Street. NYC.

Box 185 by Sara Keiser night out – Sparkles and Fur