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NUNA KNITS + Alpaca Socks = HAPPY


NUNA KNITS:  Nuna’s New heavy terry weight boot length alpaca socks are the best ever. The terry alpaca fabric is created in the sock making process. Our socks come in 4 colors: black, denim, dark brown , forest green. Super warm, comfy and soft . Available at 50 east main street , Riverhead NY. NYC store location: REAL NYC MARKET 166 mulberry street, NYC

Nuna Knits Nuna Knits

Nuna’s grass roots sock mill is steeped in long Island farming heritage.

In 1635, 3 brothers traveled from Europe to America. They settled in Southold, New York, becoming some of the first thirteen settlers.

The extended 12th generation family has taken a more tactile path to farming, producing socks from local farmers in the sheep and wool industries.

Nuna’s collaborative grass roots relationship supports the farm to fashion trend and the growing desire to buy local and buy natural.

SOCK CONSTRUCTION: Hand made on machine…toes, cuffs and heels are hand linked on machine and hand steamed.

Alpacas are native to mountains of Chile, Peru & Bolivia. Natural color ranges come in more than 20 shades. Nuna Knits offers you a small sampling in 7 natural & dyed shades. Our superfine alpaca socks are American made in classic boot, heavy wt. terry and crew styles.

ALPACA FIBER CONTENT: 72% (highest sock content available)
superfine alpaca (25.9 micron) and guard hair free. Synthetic fibers: 20% nylon, 2%elastic for durability. These fibers do not hinder the “thermal” warmth properties that keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash with like colors in cool water, gentle cycle, tumble or air dry. they are durable and can be washed easily without excessive shrinkage or felting. Nuna’s alpaca socks have a higher elasticity then other socks made from this natural fiber. Therefore, socks may look smaller after they’re washed. Once worn, they will return to your original shoe size to fit your feet again. Alpaca socks wick away moisture, so your feet will stay dry and odor free summer through winter.

Joan Huggard of CityBitz… an artist, studio, rooftop and Explore

Joan Huggard of CityBitz Art Studio is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  Joan is an established artist with many years experience in many areas including; furniture restoration, photography, resin and is actively a stained glass artist.  She is an all around mixed media artist!  I was lucky enough to be invited to her studio to see her work, talk with her and then we explored the area one on one -What at treat!  Getting there was easy and up I went to Joan’s Art Studio.


When I arrived Joan had been cutting earrings out of stained glass – using her custom fit glass cutter by Tonny G. from Manhattan Stained Glass.

April 2014 417 April 2014 420

Cutting Glass in Action!

April 2014 426 April 2014 428

Exploring the Studio….
April 2014 429 April 2014 430

Joan has also had a few custom art pieces in her studio – April 2014 431

Filled with Stained Glass…
April 2014 433 April 2014 434


Earth Pigments April 2014 435


Joan also showed me some of her Custom Flasks – creating your own custom flask for your friends, family or co-workers?!  This is an awesome idea!  Here is Project Custom / Prohibition – which took many hours of work and created many design challenges which Joan plans to do many more.  Custom Work is also Available – Tweet Joan for more information @citybitz

April 2014 423


After the Studio Tour, we went to her awesome rooftop…April 2014 398 April 2014 400

taking photos is what we like to do….
April 2014 404

April 2014 408 April 2014 409 April 2014 412 Joan took me to local Galleries and up and down the streets.  We ended up by the box of treasure – Jane’s Carousel and then to where the movies take place on hot summer nights.April 2014 439 April 2014 451


What a great late afternoon to evening with Joan Huggard of Citybitz!  Joan will be our guest at Real NYC Designer Market soon!

Hip flask, NYC Photography Flask, Brooklyn Bridge