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The Set NYC: Fashion Week Benefit F/W 2015. Dates: Feb 14, Feb 16, Feb 19, and Feb 21

The Set NYC:  Fashion Week Benefit F/W 2015.  Dates: Feb 14, Feb 16, Feb 19, and Feb 21.  A Fashion Week event to end child trafficking.  Located in Holy Apostles Ballroom, New York City, 296 9th Ave.  Helping protect and educate children using comic books in the classroom forwww.freedomladder.org.  Attendees receives a limited edition End Child Trafficking Braceletdesigned by Palomino Jewelry.  Shop, browse, network with New York City’s most innovative artists and fashion designers during Fashion Week Benefit F/W 2015.

Feb 14 Day 1:  Valentines

8:15pm runway: Lorenz Bach (Space Sixteen)

9:20pm runway:  Mengru Liang (Vogue, WWD)

Day 1 Exhibitions:  Guest designer stylist model Phil Harris, King Deco, Rosy Bleu (Vogue), Delicate Raymond (InStyle), Valeriya Kokushkina, Sharmin Faruque, Keith DiRienzo, Music by Joe Terra

Feb 16 Day 2:  Creative

8pm runway:  Red Ghagra

9:00pm runway:  Parasite Eve

9:45pm runway:  Kristin Costa (Marie Claire)

Day 2 Exhibitions: Carlos Fiasco, Stephanie Riggi, Boris Belenky, Emily Briggs, Irene Koval, Deadly Creative, Tobias Lanzo, Steve Ferrari, Timbrooke Filbert, Guest designer stylist model Phil Harris, Music by Music Supervisor

Feb 19 Day 3:  CNY

8pm runway: Reverie New York (WWD)

9pm runway:  Ruby Fang

9:45pm runway:  Snowman New York (Lucky Magazine)

Day 3 Exhibitions:  Julie Severino, Murjani Holmes, Tavia Sanza (Elucid Magazine), Lawrence Murphy, Ghost, Aminat (ANTM), Maytee Martinez (ANTM), Guest designer stylist model Phil Harris, Music by Joe Terra

Feb 21 Day 4: Closing 

8:30 runway:  Cari-Renee

9:40pm runway:  Haley Newman (Vogue)

Day 4 Exhibitions:  Guest designer stylist model Phil Harris, Ladaska Mechelle, MUFA Brand, Isabella Glaz, Mis Alexa, Inspired NY, Jane Noriega, Andrea Saieh, Music by Joe Terra

Email:  press@thesetnyc.com

Time:  7pm – 11pm for all days

Address:  296 9th Ave, NY NY


Reverie New York



Haley Newmann

The Set NYC presents: Fashion Week Benefit S/S 2015

The Set NYC

The Set NYC presents:  Fashion Week Benefit S/S 2015.  A benefit event to protect and educate children for www.freedomladder.org.  Thursday September 11 and Saturday September 13 at the Holy Apostles Ballroom, 296 9th Ave, by 28th St in Chelsea, Manhattan.  Music by Joe Terra.  DRESS FASHIONABLY   TICKETS HERE   The SET NYC

 Thursday Sept 11.  6:30pm – 11pm

Runway Presentation times

7:20pm:  Christina Yi (Lucky Magazine, Racked) presenting “Bone Collector”

8:10pm:  Clavon’s Wear presenting “Throwing you Some Shade”

9:00pm:  Lucina Lu (Auxiliary Magazine, Posture Magazine) presenting “Breath in the Water”

9:50pm:  Tavia Sanza (Shock Value Magazine) presenting “Concrete Hothouse” [clothing by J. Church]


Fashion exhibitions (Sept 11) by IZAVEL (Project Runway, NBC “Fashion Star”),  Palomino Jewelry (Best design Brooklyn Bead Box),  SNOWMAN NEW YORK (Sereine Magazine),  Elizabeth Tolson (The State Hermitage Museum, Russia), Grace Gonzalez (Vanity Fair Spain),Avi GiChee, and IJAYApparel

Art exhibitions (Sept 11) by Lindsay Risk (Blackbook Magazine, Vogue), David Chevtaikin(BAMA Contemporary Gallery), Roxanne Savage (The New York Times, Metropolitan), Adam Kiger (Agora Gallery), and Illma Gore (Times Square street art).  A special 9/11 art memorial by artist Gylliayn. 


 Saturday Sept 13.  7:00pm – 11pm

Runway Presentation times

8:00pm:  Berit New York (NY Times) presenting “Alt+Circuit Fall 2014”

9:00pm:  Kristin Costa (Marie Claire Italia) presenting “The Lost Girls”

9:45pm:  Sarah Hoopes (Elle Magazine, Vogue) presenting “Silent Connection”

10:40pm:  Ev Bessar (Fab Ego Magazine) presenting “Metamorphosis”


Fashion exhibitions (Sept 13) by  Genoveva Christoff (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week),Jane Noriega (Whim Online Magazine), JUDGED (IED Moda Lab Milan), Cathy Buckley (Bead Trends Magazine), Monroe Handbags (Parsons),  Anmido,  Silk Freak, and Aisa Marie Corrales

Art Exhibitions (Sept 13) by Maurice Perdreau, Mia Alexander Calligraphy, Prince Tyrone Williams,  David Chevtaikin (BAMA Contemporary Gallery), Roxanne Savage (The New York Times, Metropolitan), Adam Kiger (Agora Gallery), and Illma Gore (Times Square street art).  

Complimentary desserts, cocktail specials, fashion week networking, and food for purchase by Noel’s Catering Kitchen.  $18 pre-sale pass/ $25 at door, includes one complimentary cocktail.  21+ event.  Two day and VIP passes available.  Buyers/ Media/ Press:   Emailpress@thesetnyc.com with full name, company information, website, and title.   


Christina Yi

Tavia Sanza


Berit New York

Kristin Costa

Sarah Hoopes


Genoveva Christoff

Jane Noriega

Ev Bessar