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Modern Love 

Details:  Zoom in – Texture – Handmade – Experimentation – Creation – Unique Pieces – Wearable Art

Contemporary Jewelry

 Maria Florencia Dato – ATISBOS
ATISBOS is a series of pieces which gives us clues of what happens but cannot be clearly seen.  Thoughts are built not only based on what is perceived through the eyes, but also on what remains unrevealed.  What cannot be seen proposes the challenge of creating representations based on imagination and emotion, which is more interesting than defiant.  To reconsider what is hidden enriches us.”
Talent 2018 – Munich, Germany
Real NYC Market
Fashion Art Design
166 Mulberry Street NYC 10013


SI Sabato Isabel

SI Sabato Isabel is the brand of unique pieces of jewelry. These are the result of a combination of non conventional materials with new and innovating design techniques. A mix of both manual and handy craftsmanship of transparent and opaque materials, that thanks to the creation process, turn into reversible, colorful, sophisticated, light and organic designs. As a result of this process each handmade piece of jewelry becomes unique.
Caring for our planet, the main goal is to create beauty transforming and reusing materials, into original products.
To reuse is the rule, to convert disposable into a new piece of contemporary Jewelry is the dream.

Real NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketClarin Real NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC Market

Real NYC Market

166 Mulberry Street NYC 10013

Phone:  646-490-8806

Wavy Tang New York

wavy tang

Wavy Tang is an emerging fashion jewelry brand of minimal and trendy fashion style. All of the products are handmade by jewelry designer Wavy Tang, and the main material is sterling silver and argentium silver. The goal of Wavy Tang Jewelry is to provide ladies at all age a classic and never-out-of-date style to daily life…wavy tang


Yucen Wavy Tang was born and raised in Suzhou, China. She attended Academy of Art University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree of Architecture, and got her MFA in Jewelry design in 2014, followed by her first solo exhibition in San Francisco based on her thesis “self-discovery”, and several juried exhibitions, including the IMPACT Juried Exhibition in Brookline Arts Center.

The main materials of wavy’s jewelry are silver, enamel and mirrored acrylic. By making amoeba inspired jewelry in enamel, wavy’s trying to express her feeling of realizing herself.  In her jewelry works, design too becomes a medium for expression of identity, and self exploration becomes self invention. Outward visualizations of microbiological motifs represent the internal process of self-discovery, made manifest at a macro level.

With the working experience with jewelry artist Emiko Oye and BCBG Max Azria Group, wavy created her own style of presenting fashion in her thesis work. Now wavy’s design is more sophisticated and professional. She will continue her thesis of self-discovery in the future and make more artwork presenting herself.

wavy tang wavy tang wavy tang

Ready to Wear 

wavy tang wavy tang

So many more options to choose from at Real NYC Market – 166 Mulberry Street NYC

Real Holiday 2015

Real NYC Market ‪#‎REALGIFTEDHOLIDAY‬ 166 MULBERRY STREET in the ‪#‎HEART‬ of Little Italy in NYC – Surrounded by the World’s Famous Best Italian Restaurants, the Festive Holiday Decorations, twinkling lights, Holiday Carolers and 1000’s of Tourists from the US and all over the World plus Local Customers… We introduce you to ‪#‎REALNYCMARKET‬ – where the REAL Holiday Magic happens.

real dec 1

Book a space indoor/outdoor:
Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly
Book a space 2×2″ – 5×7′.

We are proud of keeping true to our integrity working only with Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs and Makers. Join us now to be a part of The Real Team.

Many Options Available at Real NYC Market:
Sell us handmade wholesale items – make appointment with the buyer
Rent a Space
We host ‪#‎TRUNKSHOWS‬

Email us today to find out more – realnycmarket@gmail.com

Real Gifted Holiday 2015 2

Real NYC Rent Space




Fall 2014 Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Info

Call for artists!  Saturday 11-8PM & Sunday 11-6PM – Always looking for handmade, home decor, fashion, art, metal work, leather work, accessories of all kinds, weavers, horticulturists, pottery, jams & jellies, beaders, hand-spun fiber artists, glass, skin care, cosmetology artists, design, foodies, sweets, snacks, wares, miniatures, vintage clothing, vintage furniture, textiles, maps, treasures, prints, photography, visual art and anything that is interesting you want to sell!

109 Mulberry Street Courtyard – Street view, clean, spacious, beautiful, plants and art murals about.

Fall 2014

Saturday September 20 Sunday September 21

Saturday September 27 Sunday September 28

Saturday October 4  Sunday October 5

Saturday October 11  Sunday October 12

Saturday October 18 Sunday October 19

Saturday October 25  Sunday October 26

Saturday:        4′ – $60     6′ – $85     10×10 – $100

Sunday:          4′ – $50     6′ – $65     10×10 – $80

Both Days:     4′ – $100   6′ – $140   10×10 – $160

Table rentals $5 Each/day  FREE CHAIRS


holiday 2014

Summer Sales – Thank you to our Artists  (August)  

We offer 3 space sizes (Jan. – July)

1.  10X10 / $140    per day OR both days $255

2.  6×6 / $100         per day OR both days $190

3.  4’ Tables $80     per day OR both days $150

Spaces vary throughout the market – each space is unique because of our space.  Share spaces will need approval and fees start at an additional $50 per space, please ask for details.

Join our REAL TEAM

Feel free to email with additional questions:  realnycmarket@gmail.com

109 Mulberry Street, Little Italy NYC          COURTYARD OUTSIDE
Between Hester and Canal
268 Mulberry Street, Nolita NYC                   INSIDE
Youth Center
Between Prince and Houston

233 Mott Street location is CLOSED :  sold for condos

August Weekends are filled with Art & Design at Real NYC Market

real nyc designer marketReal NYC Designer Market is open every Saturday and Sunday at 109 Mulberry Street 11-9PM.  It’s been such a great August!  We have met so many wonderful tourists, shoppers, fashionistas and art seekers!

We have had amazing exhibitors – we love all the talent!  Surround yourself with all of the artists and designers at Real NYC Designer Market….  treasures of fish tails, unique finds, fashion, cutting edge styles, fresh flowers, lobster tails, cuffs, vintage, handmade, feathers, fur, stones, gold, silver, polymer clay, fringe, red shoes, doll heads, lamps, home decor, books, up-cycle, recycle, aqua marine, kittens, monster night lights, families, friends, linen shirts, pill boxes, flasks, gifts, treats, mirrors, authentic designs, stained glass, stone gurus, laughter, sharing, Pim, the Set NYC, Phil Harris, hand-sewn, earrings, necklaces, cuffs, collectibles, trolls with light bulb eyes, pointillists, franco the dog, mom visiting, table tops, photography, vases, stephen, vintage lockets, rubies, pizza, gelato, totes, mobiles, arm warmers, leg warmers, leather bags, tailors, festive attitudes, ladies named heidi, Markets of New York Weekend Picks, Karen Seiger, Lunas, birthdays, sweets, cameras and much much more!    We are looking forward to an amazing fall….  we still have some weekends left of summer!  Join us now!

Real NYC MarketReal NYC MarketPhoto Credits: Lyndee Designs Jewelry, Mark the Artisian, Tyler Craftworks, Authentic Design

Fashionista Tea + Tea Scarves = Connections

Thank you Brenda of Fashionista Tea for your Blog!  Tea Scarf and Fashionista Tea are awesome!   There are so many artists and makers who come to the Real NYC Designer Market and make friends/connections with their next door neighbor!  You never know who you will meet….  Keep your minds and hearts open and the right person will be dropped into your path!  We are inspired – REAL brings so much talent together and so many ideas all under one roof (and sky)!


“Recently, FashionistaTea was an exhibitor at the Real NYC Designer Market in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City.  The Market features handmade décor, fashion, leather work, jewelry and all kinds of accessories. I had the opportunity to meet, Artist Reed Slater who was exhibiting beautiful scarves made from Tea.

Reed launched Tea Scarf in 2013 with the desire to create sustainably produced, eco-friendly, luxury scarves.  The scarves are printed on sustainably produced bamboo fabric and each pattern is created using teabags (how cool is this??) which have been steeped and printed on paper.  Each design and scarf is unique and the original prints on paper are photographed and the designs transferred to bamboo fiber, becoming wearable art.  Reed works in Brooklyn, New York and they are the stylish accessory to wear on a cool summer evening.  Check out his web site at:  www.teascarf.com  

How could I not love this, fashion that is eco-friendly and the perfect combination of Tea and fashion!

Here are a few of Reed’s scarves that were featured at the Designer Market (www.RealNYCmarket.com)”

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

Real NYC Market FashionistaTea Real NYC Market

Fashionista Tea

“Tea with Style”

-Fashionista Tea  


Real NYC Designer Market – Made in the USA

Real NYC Market will fly the flags! FLAGS on the way – #HANDMADE #MADEINUSA 

Ordered flags will soon be here ! We are very proud! Made in them USA! Our Flags ordered are #proudly Made in the USA as well! #lovewhatyoudo — at Real NYC Market. 

#realnycmarket #realmaker #realdesignermarket #makers #realnycdesignermarket #usa 

Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA Real NYC Market Made in the USA

Eight Thousand Miles… from Mumbai to New York City…. WELCOME!

Real NYC Designer Market is so pleased and excited to welcome Eight Thousand Miles… from Mumbai to New York City…  we welcome you and are looking forward to having you!

Real NYC Market

ABOUT:  Eight thousand miles is a young brand that believes in a bohemian-chic design aesthetic. Our first venture is into children’s clothes and bedding.

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

Eight thousand miles is the diameter of the earth. It is also the distance that separates our two home-cities: Mumbai and New York. ‘Eight thousand miles…’ the brand, is an ode to the idea of multiple homes; a sense of simultaneous belonging to more than one part of the world! At the very core of our young brand lies the belief, that all of us are born as free-spirited, non-conformist wanderers. Take one look at our children and there’s no doubt there!
It is to celebrate this sense of self-expression, that our eight thousand mile long journey begins in Mumbai to transcend all the way, up to New York City. We see ourselves as a platform to promote a cross-cultural-design exchange, teamed with a social enterprise opportunity roped in at the sourcing and production stage. 


After our first glance at Eight Thousand Miles we had no doubt they were REAL MAKERS!  We are inspired!  We are excited!  We love all the hard work and images on their social media sites!  Facebook    Twitter   We continued to view their images and read about their work and terrific branding  !  Smart.Innovative.Creative.Fabulous.Real.  That is what we say!  “Wear.Love.Wash.Repeat”

Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market

Design: Simply put, our design aesthetic is boho-chic – it embodies the vivacity of the bohemian spirit while marrying it to the minimalism of the uber-modern. The fabric being the focus our sihouettes are simple, our styles playful and comfort is our top priority. Our raison d’être is self-expression.

Our maiden collection – a children’s clothing line – combines our obsession with sourcing the best cottons in a myriad array of prints and colours – with designing a fun, hip and comfortable line of clothing/ bedding for little free-spirited wanderers. 

Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market

Process: Our fabric means the world to us! We personally pre-wash and pre-shrink all our cotton fabric, before the design patterns are handmade by one of seven women beneficiaries of a Mumbai-based NGO – Aadhar Skill Development Trust (ASDT). ASDT enables the economic independence and self-reliance of lesser privileged women in society by training them in the fields of tailoring, montessori education, beauty services and manufacturing food-products. You can read more about Aadhar and it’s cause here – http://aadharskilldevelopment.org/ 

Our limited edition ‘layered gypsy skirt’ is handmade by Rehnuma, who lives with her husband and four year old daughter in Agra, India. She tailors these by stitching together leftover scraps of 100% cotton fabrics, sourced from textile mills in Delhi, India. We stumbled upon her work at an arts and crafts fair in Mumbai and are thrilled that she has agreed to come work with us, on this limited edition girls’ skirts line. 

Every piece of clothing and bedding designed or sourced at eight thousand miles thus helps put yet another woman from an under-privileged household in India, to work.

Our social and environmental outlook ensures that we up-cycle whenever possible; for instance all our blankets are made of recycled vintage cotton saris that are stitched between two outer newer layers of fabric. Our limited collection of girl’s gypsy skirts are made with leftover scraps of quality cotton fabric, procured from textile mills. We believe in the adaptive re-use of long-lasting fabrics, often re-defining and giving them a whole new life in the process. 


Our children’s clothing is available in the following sizes (as per age group) – 
zero to one
one to two
two to three
three to four
four to six 
six to eight

Reversible Receiving Blankets 
Two-sided Baby Quilts

Most of our clothing is loosely fit for the maximum comfort of our little busybodies and is in 100% cotton. We recommend that they be hand-washed separately, line dried and worn often. 

Real NYC Designer MarketReal NYC Designer Market Real NYC Designer Market

We look forward to your arrival!  We in inspired !  A shout out to Henry Rollins and yourself – thank you!  We don’t think you need to be young to do this. We just think you need to do this! 
Because we are all born free-spirited wanderers, aren’t we?

Real NYC Market Real NYC Market Real NYC Market

 See you soon!  Can’t wait!  

– Real NYC Designer Market #realnycmarket #realmaker #realdesignermarket