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SI Sabato Isabel

SI Sabato Isabel is the brand of unique pieces of jewelry. These are the result of a combination of non conventional materials with new and innovating design techniques. A mix of both manual and handy craftsmanship of transparent and opaque materials, that thanks to the creation process, turn into reversible, colorful, sophisticated, light and organic designs. As a result of this process each handmade piece of jewelry becomes unique.
Caring for our planet, the main goal is to create beauty transforming and reusing materials, into original products.
To reuse is the rule, to convert disposable into a new piece of contemporary Jewelry is the dream.

Real NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketClarin Real NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC MarketReal NYC Market

Real NYC Market

166 Mulberry Street NYC 10013

Phone:  646-490-8806

Welcome Liane By Design – HAND WOVEN WIRE JEWELRY


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Welcome Liane By Design – HAND WOVEN WIRE JEWELRY

Liane By Design

I have always loved art and craft. Whether I made it, bought it or viewed it, the creation of handmade design and ornamentation is a process that is a key part of me being Me.

And while my designs are not made using traditional metallurgic processes, it is a technique that combines two great artisanal crafts: textile hand weaving and jewelry making, creating a totally unique look. Each stitch is as caringly done by hand, as a textile weaver would do at a loom or a jeweler would at a workbench.

I find inspiration from periods of the past: Baroque, Renaissance, Victorian and combine it with contemporary ideas to create jewelry with singular beauty that transcend time. The magical joining of opposites–Ying Yang.

Liane By Design Liane By Design Moondance GF EmeraldLiane By DesignTINSEL 14KT Gold-filled Necklace:
I make my jewelry with fine gauge precious wire. I string the pearls and crystals on the wire first, then drop them in position as I hand weave the wire around a wood hand loom. This technique makes the pearls look like they are suspended in a cocoon of gold or silver.
My jewelry has a look of delicate beauty–like raindrops on rose petals or tinsel tossed on a tree.

Liane By Design

Duchess Necklace Tahitian Blue. When you wear it, you’ll feel like a Queen!
Liane By DesignLanvin Oxidized Silver 
Liane By Design
 Fishnet Necklace
We are proud to feature Liane By Design being back on the East Coast in NYC – 166 Mulberry Street (between Grand and Broome) in the heart of Little Italy.
Open 7 days a week 

The People You Meet are Gifts! Cristina Fontanelli

On Sunday, June 22nd Real NYC Market met the beautiful, glamorous, classy and talented Cristina Fontanelli….  another gift we have been given!  The people we meet are all gifts – the world is filled with talented, creative people and interesting every-things!  We arrived early, just in time to hear Cristina Fontanelli perform for the Son’s of Italy in the courtyard at Most Precious Blood Church before Real NYC Market started – what a gift indeed!  Her passion for life and music inspired us as she dazzled and charmed the audience.  Her magnetic energy shined all around!  Thank you!  -Real NYC Market

Cristina Fontanelli Cristina Fontanelli

An International recording artist PBS Host –  Classical/Crossover Style:  Contemporary, Opera, Broadway, Standards, Selections in Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Yiddish

“Cristina Fontanelli at Feinstein’s at the Regency is like seeing a cross between Maria Callas and Ethel Merman.  She has no equal.”  -Forbes Magazine

“La Diva della Canzone” – America Oggi

“We cannot put it in words how Cristina affected us.  We heard all the great voices from the last Century.  She puts them all to shame.  We are going to buy every CD she’s ever recorded”. – Vince and Sandi Lombardo

www.cristinafontanelli.com  Follow on TWITTER

Welcome to Brow New York International – Julie Erinc will WOW you

Julie Erinc of Brow New York International will simply WOW you!

“Based in New York City, BrowNY New York International is a comprehensive line of ready-to-wear clothing along with trend-setting fleece and French terry jackets. BrowNY was established in October 2008 and focuses on creating chic, versatile styles with unique shapes and contemporary fabrics. Our brand offers a wide range of collections including our BrowNY Retro line, handmade vintage jewelry & accessories, and our exquisite jacket collection. BrowNY provides affordable, feminine fashion, and a shopping experience customers will love. You can find BrowNY products online and in stores and boutiques across North America. Recently BrowNY has made appearances in department stores such as Topshop UK, Urban Outfitters UK, Macy’s, and Nordstroms.”               -BrowNY



BrowNY friend – Adar, wearing an awesome gold flower head wreath and arm sleeve on her birthday!
Brow.NY team went to the Carmel Producers “I feel….Unicorn Planet” party and here are some pics from the night – All headpieces/costumes made at Brow.NY
You will find treasures in BrowNY -located at 345 Lafayette St. New York, New York 10012
Floral Headbands –
Floral Head AccessoriesUnicorn and Antler Head Gear
Head Gear
Tutus in Any Color you can imagine!Tutu This season’s hot HIGH-WAIST-ED SHORT SHORTS – worn and ready to go – VINTAGEShort Shorts Brow.NYVINTAGE FUR FUR and More FUR!  pick out your fancy, all $100Vintage FursSparkle pants – ALL VINTAGE – GREAT FINDSSassy Pants Imagine any sort of headgear you desire – Erinc does tons of custom ordersHead GearVintage Costume Jewelry Galore !!!!!!!Costume Jewelry Display Antlers
 WOW, such an eye for NYC Fashion, Vintage, Accessories and Design – To see more LIKE BrowNY on Facebook – Also check out their website!  Thank you BrowNY ! Designers’ Collective 51