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Designs By Alicia P – Exclusive Collection for Real NYC Market

Alicia P

Designs by Alicia P.

Designs by Alicia P.

Art Bio

 Alicia has had an interest in the arts since her childhood, in the ‘Trash Room’ at the Chicago Children’s Museum is one of the earliest places Alicia was initiated into the practice of art making. Much of the diversity in Alicia’s present artwork is from influences as a child. Born to one African American, and one Jewish parent – exposure to the world, her themes of nature and the cosmos, and other influences can be traced directly back to a wealth of childhood experiences. By 17, she was already in tune with her creative intuition, erecting a magnitude of work stretching beyond kid-friendly debris of the Children’s Museum. She was a participant in Gallery 37 a Youth Arts program for over five years, and was involved in a number of arts and science programs for gifted students.  Alicia received her B.A. from Rutgers University for studies in both Anthropology and Fine Arts with a focus on painting. After graduating Alicia relocated to New York City to pursue a career as a professional artist. In her first year out of college Alicia started the business Designs by Alicia P which began with selling her own: hand-painted clothing & paintings but eventually grew to be an entire line of Jewelry designs each one hand made and based on her interests in anthropology, and with a roots in sculptural work.

Over the ten years that Alicia has run her own business, she has honed and perfected her unique style of art using suede leather, found objects, and other mixed media to create jewelry, wall hangings and now large format sculptures. Alicia has participated in a countless number of exhibitions including juried shows in New York and Chicago, as well as an invitational exhibition in London. In 2013 she was recognized by several arts funding organizations, and her work has been featured in major studio films, television programs, print, & digital media outlets.

Currently, Alicia is expanding her signature aesthetic now focusing on combining her creative modalities into one multi-sensory experience in the form of sculpture and installation work. In 2015, Alicia is excited to have been invited to travel to India to participate in the Art Castle International Art Residency. Alicia continues to exhibit her work regularly as well as designing custom work for private clients.

Designs by Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.


Alicia P’s unique product line is based on the use sustainable materials, primarily goat suede which is imported from India. The Suede is a byproduct of the cultural reverence of Cows in India and a commitment to utilizing the entirety of animals from the food industry. Alicia’s work is further representative of her sustainable values by using a majority of found materials and organic items harvested from beaches and mountain tops around the world. We encourage you to renew your commitment to sustainable products and independent artists & entrepreneurs by buying Designs by Alicia P products.

Designs by Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.


Customer Service representative, salesperson; merchandise expeditor, artist, painting using multi-medias.   Jewelry designing and instruction; clothing designs (also sell my own line of hand painted shirt designs); arts and crafts including sculpture, pottery and glass paint designs, molding with plaster, wax and clay; calligraphy, etc. Assistant clown: worked for seven years as Glitter the Clown, painting faces, making balloon sculptures, performing magic, and organizing children’s games.


My jewelry designs have been featured in magazines. My paintings have been showcased in exhibits in Chicago, featured on the front cover of Rutgers’ Visual Art Program, New Jersey. My jewelry has be worn by celebrities i.e. Phylicia Rashād, Jill Scott, Michele Money and many others. Sold my jewelry designs and artwork in various trade shows, such as Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas and the One of A Kind Show in New York and Chicago. Received achievement awards for canvas paintings, paintings on park benches and furniture. Received business loans: Project Enterprise & Accion USA. Member of the Extensive travel to various countries gathering creative ideas.

Designs by Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.

Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs by Alicia P.

Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P.

Designs By Alicia P. Designs By Alicia P.

Designs by Alicia P

Designs by Alicia P

Jill Scott & Sheree Fletcher, wearing Alicia P. Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar Designs Alicia Pillar DesignsCiara in W Magazine, wearing Designs By Alicia P.

Real NYC Market

Real NYC Market

166 Mulberry Street (between Grand and Broome) Little Italy NYC

Open 7 days a Week

All Exclusive collection is featured at #realnycmarket – One of a kind, original, more than spectacular wearable art.


Nuna Knits

Nuna knits – WINDOW PANE TARTAN SHAWL COLLECTION – 150 years of fine polworth sheep breeding has made this shawl collection possible. Dating back to1880 when saxon/lincoln sheep breeds were cross bred. The result….a super dense…super soft new breed “polworth” has superb heavy drape-ability weighing only 4oz. (the same weight as authentic Pashmina).
Nuna has stayed authentic to the breed in its design applications. Creating its window pane colorways with the natural sheep colors of browns, tans, blacks and grays.
Our shawls have an Androgynous style with transparent hand spun/woven madras wool cloth. Perfect for all 4 seasons. Available Real NYC Market166 mulberry street and riverhead, ny – 50 east main street.

Nuna Knits

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Fall in Love with PRIVATE OPENING: Innovative, Chic, Fashion-Forward

Fall in Love with PRIVATE OPENING:  Innovative, Chic & Fashion-Forward

Private Opening Jewelry – handmade, sterling silver rings, sterling cuffs, artistic and elegant, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our jewelry is oversized and can have MANY times the amount of grams of Sterling Silver than the average ring or cuff may have. Please keep that in mind and view it as an investment in a metal as well. Sculptural, minimal, abstract, textural, granulated is available for you in Sterling Silver 925 at Private Opening Jewelry.” -Private Opening

Real NYC Designer Market will be the first to admit, it was love at first display/set-up/showcase with Us and Private Opening.  THE GIG WAS UP!!!! We had heard about how smart, attractive, worldly & debonair Stephen Fellerman was (which he is + an enormous amount of talent)- but after the display of Private Opening was up at Real NYC Designer Market  we all had fallen in love….all over again.  It’s easy to do this with this duo team – Madina Arkayeva and Fellerman.  A simply delicious duo, talented beyond you can imagine, stories in their lives displayed in their work and through the lens with their innovative photography, capturing each curve and luster of each piece. Vividly disclosing us the aesthetic, hues and silhouettes and the life each piece en tales – it’s created with firm yet soft touch – each fashion-forward piece will make you feel chic, sexy and ready for any adventure.

We believe they are the ones with hearts of GOLD!!!  #realnycmarket

Private OpeningAbove & below – photos set up at Real NYC Designer Market
Private Opening

Spring Street Square Stackable Enameled Rings on Sale – available in silver & gold

Private Opening Large Heart Ring:  Materials: metal, enamel, gold, silver, gunmetal, heart, fun

Private Opening Private Opening

+ Enameled Panel, gold, silver and hematite

Private Opening Silver & Gold Knot RingPrivate Opening Private Opening

Large Sterling Silver Cuff, free shipping in the US and Canada

Materials: sterling silver, hefty bracelet, handmade, artisanal

Private Opening Private OpeningPrivate Opening

Elegant Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

Private Opening Private Opening Private Opening

Neo-Etruscan Sterling Silver Earrings  Materials: sterling silver 925, handmade, bohemian


Handsewn, Limited Edition, Small Black Leather Tote with a Sterling Silver 925 Infinity Circle


Private Opening

Stunning Victorian Sterling Silver Pendant

il_570xN.321155749 il_570xN.321280870

Sterling Silver Stackable Four Ring Assortment

Private Opening

Large Sterling Silver Cuff, free shipping in the US and Canada

Materials: sterling silver, hefty bracelet, handmade, artisanal

Private Opening Private Opening AND #1 Best SELLER  Enamel Silver & Gold Rings – Bold, chic, Fashion-Forward

Private Opening

Private Opening also offers work in their Custom Collection as well –

Private Opening

There are so many more incredible pieces from Private Opening !  We love them – #lovewhatyoudo

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Shop 24/7 on their ETSY site or come and see them every Saturday at

Real NYC Designer Market

Fashion + Tea = Fashionista Tea by Brenda Dillon Cavette


Tea Cans

We are thrilled to have Fashionista Tea join Real NYC Designer Market!  Brenda has a brilliant product and is such a marvelous addition to our “Fashion, Design, Art & More” market!  Welcome Fashionista Tea!

fashion chamomiles-300x200

FashionistaTea Organic Orange Chamomile Blend

“The FashionistaTea Collection is sourced from small tea growers from around the world to assure the freshest and best possible ingredients. The line consists of all organic teas and botanicals and Fair Trade Tea wherever possible, which promotes fair wages for workers, helps to protect against land loss and promotes environmentally friendly processes for producers and their families. We love the idea of helping farmers in a small way in other parts of the world. For more information please visit www.fairtradecertified.org.

The unique feature of the collection is the custom crafted biodegradable silk pyramid sachets with a tea tag of a leopard print stiletto heel making its debut. More stylish tags will follow similar to fashion collections keeping the line fresh, collectible, current and ever-changing. This couture-inspired tag displayed over a tea cup not only allows for a visual experience but automatically becomes a conversation piece.

About the Owner

FashionistaTea was founded by Brenda Dillon Cavette. For as long as she can remember, she has loved tea, beginning with fond memories at the kitchen table drinking tea with her mom. Tea has signified many things, from sitting in quiet reflection taking a moment from a busy day, to gathering with friends and family celebrating special occasions. Travel opened a new world of tea for Brenda, revealing its history, wonderful flavors and sensibilities. The thirst to know more about this lovely, complex beverage led Brenda to study tea more intently and become a member of The Specialty Tea Institute, a division of The Tea Association of the USA.

A former television producer and Emmy Award nominee, Brenda produced numerous fashion and design segments. A love of all things stylish, from studying fashion design and merchandising in college, further inspired the connection of tea and fashion. These two worlds now meet in a collection of gourmet teas crafted to impart a unique taste and an aura of sophistication. The line was designed using Organic and Fair Trade teas packaged in beautiful, elegant tins. Tea is a healthy beverage and now FashionistaTea can turn any cup of tea into “Tea with Style.” ™”                                                       –FashionistaTea


Welcome Brenda!  We are so happy to have you with us!  Thank you Karen Seiger of Markets of New York for your introduction!

Organic Creamy Earl Grey


Organic Green Pomegranate


Organic Masala Chai


Organic White Tip Jasmine


Just to name a few!  For more FashionistaTea – COLLECTION

FashionistaTea also has a wonderful blog that will make inspire anyone!  The love of fashion and of the celebration of our ancient beverage – we put on our best, smile and enjoy the beverage that makes us feel great!  With friends or in your favorite place by yourself enjoying your own time, the FashionistaTea will make you feel complete – #lovewhatyoudo !

Contact  PHONE:  (888) 557-8050   EMAIL:  info@fashionistaTea.com

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